Masashi Watanabe


Born in 1986 on Sadogashima Island, Niigata Prefecture.

Sadogashima Island, which was once a place of exile for the emperor and aristocrats after losing a political battle in Kyoto, is an isolated island in the middle of a desolate sea in the island nation of Japan, but with the glitz and glamour of the capital, it never allowed for cultural stagnation and gave birth to a unique inspiration and culture.

In 2008, he left Japan and moved to Milan.

While visiting several workshops, what moved him was the pride in the brand and culture of the people he met there, as well as the patriotic spirit that is at the heart of the brand and culture.

He then went on to reflect on “what I am and what the Japanese are,” and sometimes it gave him a sweet pleasure, sometimes it gave him a sense of defeated desolation.

However, these days of self-questioning have led to the definition of a one-of-a-kind world that combines the essence of the street with a perspective born of curiosity and generosity, unafraid of creation and destruction, based on a Japanese identity backed by historical reflection.

Now he has created VEDUTA to awaken the independence and diversity that the modern Japanese have lost.