Aya Irodori


When he was in college, he was impressed by the amazing technique of Narumi Arimatsu shibori and decided to become a craftsman.

In 2007, she became an apprentice of Arimatsu Shibori in Europe. Afterwards, he moved to Yamagami Shoten and trained for ten years in Arimatsu.

Since becoming independent in 2017, he has been working on the development of new products that incorporate modern sensibilities as well as inheriting traditional techniques.

Taking advantage of her experience working at a fashion university, she also focuses on training young people who want to learn how to shibori.

As a member of “Rinku”, a group of young female craftsmen from three prefectures in the Tokai region, she has been working hard to promote traditional crafts in cooperation with other traditional crafts.

She is a member of “Rinku”, a group of young women craftsmen from three prefectures in Tokai.

In 2020, Aya Irodori will open her home and studio “Aya Irodori” along the Old Tokaido Highway in Arimatsu. She is a promising tie-dye creator in Arimatsu, a town of Japanese heritage.

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