The most popular VEDUTA yukata and yukata obi set, designed with large patterns of colorful feathers and imbued with a wish to fly (Ales).

< Characteristics of VEDUTA
Innovative design” and “Ease of Wear”, which have never been seen in a conventional yukata
Easy to wear, even by yourself
Even if you move, it won’t fall apart.
You can enjoy coordinating it with your everyday clothes.
There is no need to buy clogs or undergarments.
The craftsman’s sewing finish.

Wearing a sash with a sash gives you a dignified and sophisticated look, while wearing a sash without a sash over normal clothes or Wear it like a coat for a casual look. While utilizing traditional techniques, NEO breaks the conventional wisdom and opens up a new era of kimono. Please enjoy the KIMONO “VEDUTA”.

If you are over 190cm tall or 100kg in weight, we can make a special order for you.


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