Byakko” – a detachable hooded haori that is perfect for street kimonos.
Coordinate with the black Shinobi and Idaten.

A street yukata for men who want to take their satisfaction up a notch!
Feel the couture quality and avant-garde flamboyance, wardrobe credibility, and trendy spice that smells of the times.

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< Model >
Haori with detachable hood

Hakama sold separately

< Color >

< Material >
100% polyester

Water-absorbent, quick-drying polyester fabric.
Quickly absorbs sweat and dissipates it.

Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

< Styling >

No need for undershirt or sandals.

It can be worn over a T-shirt.
It can be worn as an outer layer over a T-shirt.

Suitable for summer nights, spring, and autumn.

< Description >
An oversized haori with a detachable hood.

Monotone black and white design with an image of a white tiger.

A model that can be worn easily
A model that can be worn without hesitation.

< Place of Origin >

Sewn and finished by a master Japanese tailor

< Size >
Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)