This yukata and obi set is inspired by the Garden of Eden, the beautiful garden where Adam and Eve lived at the time of creation, and looks great at the resort.

Wearing a sash with a sash gives you a dignified and sophisticated look, while wearing a sash without a sash over normal clothes or Wear it like a coat for a casual look. While utilizing traditional techniques, NEO breaks the conventional wisdom and opens up a new era of kimono. Enjoy the KIMONO “VEDUTA”.

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< Model >
Yukata & Rope belt set

< Color >

< Material >
Yukata: 100% cotton

Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

Rope belt: 100% cotton

Hand washing is recommended instead of machine washing.

< Styling >
Over a T-shirt, etc.
As a cardigan to be worn over T-shirts.

You can wear it as an outdoor yukata by wrapping the Rope Belt of the set around it.
If you wrap the set’s rope belt around it, you can wear it as an outdoor yukata.

No need to wear underwear or sandals.

< Description >

The image of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived at the time of creation.

This is a resort-style yukata with an image of the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve lived during the Creation.

< Place of Origin >


Sewn and finished by a Japanese tailor.

< Size >
Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)

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160cm, 165cm, 170cm, 175cm, 180cm, 185cm, 特注