The sun rises and sets again「 SHAYO 」( japanese jacket ) / premium suede


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Hakama sold separately

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Premium suede 100%.

Do not wash at home.
After one season, cleaning is recommended.

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Wear it as a jacket over a T-shirt or sleeveless inner wear.

Suitable for summer nights, spring, and fall.

< Description >

Hanten of suede material

This is a model that can be worn easily at stay-home or when going out for a while.

Smooth feel of premium suede.
Glossy shade by raised hair. Embroidery on the left chest and back.

The velvet material tag says
A scene of the sun setting like a slanting sun is printed on the tag.

On the lining, handwritten calligraphy is printed on the part that only the wearer can see.

The calligraphy is handwritten by Ms. Ryokuhu Iwasaki,
a calligrapher born in Sadogashima, Niigata Prefecture and active in Kyoto.


“Suicide 4 Writers”

model: “Shayo” by Osamu Dazai
statement: “Human beings were born for love and revolution.

These words remind us of our true purpose in life,
which we tend to lose sight of.

The setting sun will always rise again.


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Free size (168cm to 178cm tall)