【SOLD OUT】Lily of da City Valley「YUKOKU」 ( japanese jacket ) / premium velvet


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< Model >
Haori (Hakama sold separately)

< Color >

< Material >
Velvet 100%.

Do not wash at home.
After one season, cleaning is recommended.

< Styling >
Wear over inner wear such as T-shirts and sleeveless.
Can be worn as outerwear.

Suitable for summer nights, spring, and fall.

< Description >
The smooth texture of velvet.
Glossy shade from raised hair.
The floral pattern emerges depending on the angle of the light.
3D embroidery of blooming flowers on both chests.
“Snake” on the back.

On the lining, only the wearer can see the calligraphy.
The calligraphy is not printed, but handwritten.

The calligraphy is handwritten by Ms. Ryokuhu Iwasaki,
a calligrapher born in Sadogashima, Niigata and active in Kyoto.

“Suicide 4 Writers”
model:Yukio Mishima

Yukio Mishima said,

『 The Japanese people are blinded by money, their spiritual traditions are dying, materialism is spreading, and Japan has become an ugly country.
It is as if we are under the curse of the snake. 』

In 1970, he cried out my soul in sorrow for Japan,
and committed suicide in Ichigaya (City Valley).
His white kimono was dyed red.
Even if he lived to pick up the brush, he could not convey his message.
Even if he barked in front of the masses, it would not be understood.
Then, in death, like a lily
In this case, he probably hoped to create a small storm in the future by scattering like a lily.

The language of the lily is “purity” and “pride”.
『 After I die, in fifty or a hundred years,
there may be people who say, “Oh, I get it.”

I don’t care. 』

Fifty years have passed since the sound of the bell orchid echoed in Ichigaya.
The legacy has been passed on.

< Place of Origin >

< Size >
Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)