Face 2 Faith ( japanese mask ) / japanese paper



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< Model >
Iwami Kagura Mask

< Color >
Mud Black

< Material >
Japanese paper

< Styling >
Docking with mask.
Without mask, wear by tying the braided cord.

< Description >
Iwami Kagura Mask Master
Collaboration with Mr. Yuya Eki.

Iwami Kagura is a traditional performing art from the Iwami region in western Shimane Prefecture.
It is a ritual performed by Shinto priests to give thanks for a good harvest.
It is characterized by fast-paced musical accompaniment, brave dances, and gorgeous costumes.
It is characterized by fast-paced music, brave dances, and gorgeous costumes.

The mask of Iwami Kagura is used as a motif.
The face gear is called “corona” to ward off evil spirits.

The masks are made of Japanese paper.
It is very light and sturdy.
The magnets built into the inside make it easy to use.
It can be attached to the urethane mask that comes with it or to your own mask.

In anticipation of a world in which masks will be removed, the product also comes with a kumihimo cord that can be worn by tying it.

The meaning of “tying” the kumihimo is to connect the personality of the mask with one’s own personality to become one.

What is Face 2 Faith?
“Face 2 Faith” means the two faces, the self and the face.
And it means to face the faith.

Whenever a disaster strikes, people have a history of overcoming the crisis with faith as the foundation of their hearts.

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Free size