Esperanza ( japanese gown ) / cotton sweat


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< Model >
Gowns for the road
With belt of the same fabric

< Color >

< Material >
100% cotton sweat
Pile lining

Water absorbing and quick drying sweat fabric.
Quickly absorbs sweat and dissipates it.
The pile lining provides an excellent feel.
Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

< Styling >
Indoors, it can be worn as a loungewear gown,
and outside, it can be worn over a T-shirt.
as a cardigan, etc.

If you wrap it with the belt OBI (sold separately)
You can wear it as an outdoor yukata.

< Description >
Francisco de Zurbarán
(1598 – 1664) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period.

He was a painter active in the first half of the 17th century, which is said to be the golden age of Spanish painting.
He excelled in religious paintings and still life paintings.
Surbaran lost his son to the plague.
The title of the painting is “St. Francis of Assisi at the Grave”.
A corpse held in both hands. In other words, it is a mourning for those who died of the plague.

This is a revival of a work by a painter who lived through the plague era, with the Corona disaster.
The words of the prayer are: “Where there is despair, there is hope.
[Esperanza (where there is despair)].
Message printed on both sleeves.
A piece that reflects the trend.

The belt OBI is sold separately.

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< Size >
Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)