Los Nues ( japanese yukata ) / jersey


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Polyester Water absorbent quick-drying jersey 100%.

Water-absorbent, quick-drying sweat fabric is used.
Quickly absorbs sweat and dissipates it.
Lined with pile for an outstanding feel.
Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

< Styling >
Indoors, without a belt belt.
Just close the zipper.
You can wear it like a gown as room wear.

Outside, you can wear it as a cardigan over a T-shirt.
You can wear it as a cardigan.

If you wear the belt OBI (sold separately)
You can wear it as an outdoor yukata.

< Description >
Monotone all-over leopard pattern.
The 鵺 (Japanese mythical creature with a monkey’s face and a raccoon’s body) appears in “The Tale of the Heike”.
It has the face of a monkey, the body of a raccoon, the limbs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. It brings misfortune to people.
the embodiment of the unprecedented disaster called Corona.
Also, because the 鵺 causes thunder, it is said that
The side lines of this yukata are made of
reflector material is used, and
It reacts to the flash of the camera on your phone.
The lightning flashes.

The belt OBI is sold separately.

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Free size (Height 168cm – 178cm)