Geva La Revolution ( japanese jacket ) / okayama denim


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100% cotton Okayama denim
Washed finish
Hand painting

Made with Okayama denim fabric.

Sampled from the military uniform of the Cuban Revolutionary Army.

Washed many times for a vintage look.
It has a vintage look and feel.
Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

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Over a T-shirt, etc.
As a denim jacket to be worn over T-shirts.

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Ernesto Guevara
(Ernesto Guevara, 1928- 1967)

Born in Argentina, Ernesto Guevara was a politician and revolutionary.
A man who quit his job as a doctor and became a soldier in order to change the root of poverty.
A man who quit his job as a doctor and became a soldier in order to change the root of the poverty.
In a foreign land, he led the Cuban Revolution to success.

Che Guevara visited Hiroshima 60 years ago and laid his hands on the Atomic Bomb Dome.

On that occasion, he said.
“The Japanese people have suffered so much at the hands of the Americans.
Why aren’t they angry?
He said.

The statement on the back of this haori
The first thing we want is to be masters of our own destiny, a country free from foreign interference, a country that seeks out
Its own system of development.

Japan is still subordinate to the U.S., and even though it is superficially an independent country, it is actually a country in the process of becoming independent.
Each and every one of us must have the will of independence and self-respect and stand up for ourselves.
We need to stand up for ourselves.

“Still, are you American Dog?

I can almost hear the voice of Che Guevara who led the Cuban revolution to success.

On the chest of the cloak is a flap pocket for cigarettes.
On the leather, “Montecristo”.
This is the brand name of Che Guevara’s favorite Cuban cigar.

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Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)