Gray ( japanese wide pants ) / cotton sweat



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< Model >
Hakama (padded kimono)
(Padded kimono sold separately)

< Color >
Light gray

< Material >
100% cotton sweatshirt
Pile lining

Water-absorbent, quick-drying sweat fabric.
Quickly absorbs sweat and dissipates it.
The pile lining provides an excellent feel.
Can be washed in a household washing machine for easy care.

< Styling >
Wear with a T-shirt or tank top.

< Description >
This hakama is made of sweat material.
Highly stretchable and soft to the touch.
These wide pants are inspired by the horse riding hakama.
They are also light on your feet.
These sweat pants can be worn at home or outside.
An item that can be used in all seasons.

< Place of Origin >

< Size >
Free size (168cm to 178cm tall)