Only Holy Snowy 「 YUKIGUNI 」 ( japanese jacket and wide pants ) / premium suede


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< Model>
Hanten & Hakama

< Color >
Snow White

< Material >
Premium suede 100%.

Do not wash at home.
After one season, cleaning is recommended.

< Styling>
As an outer layer over a T-shirt or sleeveless inner wear.

Suitable for summer nights, spring, and fall.

< Description>
Smooth feel of premium suede.
Glossy shade by raised hair. Embroidery on the left chest and back.

The velvet tag has a print of a snow-covered tunnel at the end.

The handwriting is by Ms. Ryokuhu Iwasaki, a calligrapher born in Sadogashima, Niigata Prefecture and active in Kyoto.

Suicide 4 Writers
model: “Snow Country” by Yasunari Kawabata
statement: “When I passed through the long tunnel, I found myself in a snow country.

After passing through the long, dark tunnel of the Corona disaster,

a bright snow-covered future will unfold in front of you.

< Place of Origin>

< Size>
Free size (168cm to 178cm in height)