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This is a velour-embossed haori.

This is an item that can be worn loungewear or for a quick outing, and can be worn smoothly.

The smooth feel of velvet and the glossy shading caused by the raising of the hair, and the flower pattern comes to life at different angles of light.

The kanji character “SEKIGAN” on the back, and the characters on the front and back are not printed, but handwritten by Ryokuhu Iwasaki, a calligrapher born on Sadogashima Island in Niigata Prefecture and active in Kyoto.


“Nihon-kaizohouantaiko” Ikki Kita.


Now, Japan is facing unprecedented national distress.

Japan is facing a national crisis unprecedented in its history.

The urgency to reform the nation is greater than that of the revolutionary revolution.

Ikki Kita 〈real name Terujiro Kita〉(April 3, 1883 – August 19, 1937) was a prewar Japanese thinker, social activist, and National Socialist, who was arrested as a theoretical leader of the Imperialist youth officers in the February 26 incident and sentenced to death by court-martial.

He was sentenced to death by a military court and died in prison.