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Jungle crow.

The motif is based on Musashi Miyamoto, a two-fisted swordsman who continued his journey in search of a stronger opponent.

The yukata separates into a haori and hakama when the open zipper around the body is opened.

The material used is a water-repellent nylon oxide made in Japan.

It is highly durable and will outperform rain and wind.

It can be fastened with a one-touch lock.

A tactical belt belt band is adopted for easy attachment and removal.

Four zippered pockets for convenient storage and a big pocket (30 cm wide) on the left and right sides of the hakama, left chest, and back.

The time has come for luggage to be worn.

The inside of the yukata is printed with a drawing of an eagle by Musashi, who was also a Japanese-style painter in his later years.

You can see the actual item at Toji Temple [Kyoogokoku-ji Temple], the head temple of the Shingon sect of Buddhism in Kyoto.

When not worn, it can be displayed in a room with a kimono hanger to become an art piece that adds color to the interior.