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This beautiful island green yukata is a collaboration with the traditional Japanese craft “Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori”.

The pattern, created by repeated hand-dyeing without using machines, is unique.

The design is based on the image of Amaterasu, the child of Izanagi and Izanami, and features a zipper to make it easier for one person to put it on and keep it in place.

【 Arimatsu-shibori 】

Arimatsu-shibori and Narumi shibori were presented to the Shogunate as specialties of the Owari Clan about 400 years ago during the Edo Period.

The beauty of the shibori patterns became a topic of conversation among travelers on the highway, and Arimatsu-shibori became the most famous product of the Tokaido Highway, and is even depicted in ukiyoe woodblock prints.

・Aya Irodori

In 2007, Aya Irodori apprenticed herself to , a European Arimatsu shibori company.

In 2017, she became independent and started to develop new products, incorporating modern sensibilities as well as inheriting the traditional techniques.