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The motif of this yukata is the “Sado Okesa” of Sadogashima Island.

The collar and right front body of this yukata are made of Imabari towel fabric (Watanabe Pile Orimono Co., Ltd.), which is smooth to the touch.

Sado Okesa is a folk song and Bon dance song originated in Sado Aikawa, Niigata Prefecture.

It spread throughout Japan from the end of the Taisho period (1912-1926) and is representative of the okesa-bushi, which is sung to the accompaniment of a hand dance performed by a figure wearing a braided hat.

Graphic is a young lady escaping from her parents and diving.

It expresses the ambivalence between the song honoring the ancestors and the girl diving under the sea to get away from them because of her youth.